Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lies about Limbaugh

I'm not a fan of Rush Limbaugh. He says many things that annoy me, he acts in many ways that annoy me (the whispers for emphasis, the rattling the papers, the mispronouncing of people's names in order to ridicule them, referring to John Edwards as "The Breck Girl", etc) but he is being wrongly accused today.

A couple of days ago Limbaugh commented on a commercial by Michael J. Fox for a political candidate, in which that actor, who suffers from Parkinson disease, was clearly in the throes of that disease while he was being filmed.

Yes - Limbaugh did state that he'd never seen Fox act like that before and wondered if he were exaggerating for the camera.... *but* after a commercial break Limbaugh said, on air, that he'd received many emails or comments from people saying that yes, they had seen Fox act like that before.

So Limbaugh *apologized* for saying what he'd said, and merely made the comment that Fox must have been off his meds (which Fox has since admitted he was) when he made the commercial, and that stem cell research has nothing to do with the cure for Parkinson's disease.)

And he continued on to lambast Fox for trying to exploit his disease by doing the commercial while off his meds...and a caller chimed in that if a drug company had shown the before and afters of a victim of Parkinson's disease on a commercial, they'd have been accused of exploitation also, ya da ya da.

Anyway, the point is that all the fuss is apparently being made because Limbaugh said Fox was *exaggerating* his symptoms, when he'd already admitted he'd been wrong on that subject and apologized for making the assumption, and admitted that Parkinson's is a horrible disease and he wasn't downplaying that, and so on.

So Limbaugh's detractors are taking *one sentence* out of Limbaugh's comments about Fox, taking it out of context, and making a big deal out if it, when the larger issue for me is - does stem cell research promise a cure for Parkinsons, eventually, and if not why does Fox even care about it?

I personally have no problem with stem cell research. If God can create all kinds of races to be subject to others (as Christian fundamentalists like to believe He has done), why can't man create babies to take stem cells out of? [And I'm being ironic may have a benign purpose but you know anything to do with big business is gonna be corrupted some way... there was a BBC radio program called Jefferson 37, about "harvesting" clones for their organs, that called that into relief.]

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