Thursday, March 12, 2015

Terry Pratchett has walked into the Country of the Dawn

Very sad news today....Terry Pratchett has died at aged only 66.

 He had suffered from early onset alzheimers for 8 years... in other words he wasn't even 60 years old when he got Alzheimers... in the same way Pat Summitt, Lady Volunteers basketball coach, also was diagnosed with this awful, awful disease when she was in her late 50s...not even 60 years old.

His obituaries say he died of natural causes, rather than taking his life... I find that difficult to believe as a healthy person (except in mind) could live for 90-years with this awful disease.

I wonder if the media didn't want people to know that Mr. Pratchett took his fate into his own hands and welcomed Death on his own terms, as he'd said he would - and I admire him for it.

If your quality of life is absolutely zero - if you can't read, can't remember how to put on your clothes, etc., why go on living?

He had a fantastic life - touched millions of people.

His work has long been very important to me...

I am sad that he is gone, but glad that he left on his own terms and did not suffer unnecessarily from the indignities of Alzheimer's.

I hope people will continue to contribute to the fight against Alzheimer's so we can find a cure for this awful disease.