Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10/10: 3. Tigers beat A's in first in series!

and I didn't get to watch it!

Tuesday night, Oct 10, 2006

Topics covered in my late night entry:

I’ve been working on my writing project for my client - and got it done, but don’t have time to do my normal notes.

1) Issue Notes
Completed my list of Contributors, and formatted a couple of book reviews from my new new reviewers.

2) Space/Ocean Headlines
Rare Event: Mercury to Cross the Sun Nov. 8 – Space.com
Yahoo 'Time Capsule' to Launch from Mexican Pyramid – CIO
Expedition 14 Crew Takes Short Soyuz Trip Outside ISS – Space.com
NASA resuscitates Hubble's main camera – New Scientist

Awesome skills of spitting archerfish revealed - NewScientist

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