Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10/4: 2. Sand Rock Sentinel Feb 1953 done!

Wednesday night, Oct 4, 2006

Wasn’t in the mood to do my normal stuff, for reasons which I commented on earlier.

I spent the evening working on the Feb 1953 issue of The Sand Rock Sentinel, my ‘web newspaper’ which tells of the history of each month, and also contains articles from 1950s sci fi movies as if they really happened. I’m ‘building up’ to things right now. Kay Lawrence has just moved to Brazil (in 1954 she’ll be meeting the Creature from the Black Lagoon), and John Putnam has just moved to Sand Rock. He’ll be seeing a meteor crash in just a few months.

Sand Rock Sentinel: Know the past. Be sure of the future.

Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.

Other than that, here are today's real news headlines:

Details Of Solar Particles Penetrating The Earth's Environment Revealed – Science Daily
FTC Approves Creation of United Launch Alliance –
On Zippy New Planets, a Year is Just Hours Long –
'Cosmic ripples' echo across science – ABC Online
'Bulge' yields new planet class - BBC News
Spooky steps to a quantum network – New Scientist

Sniffing Out Relatives, Bluegill Sunfish Use Self-referencing To Recognize Kin – Science Daily
Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks As Temperatures Rise – Science Daily

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