Sunday, October 08, 2006

10/8:1. Football Sunday

Well, its Sunday and as my regular readers know, Sundays during football season are days spent practically in their entirety in front of the TV. Games don't start til 1 pm eastern time, so I've got a few hours to do things in.

Also, of course, the time isn't entirely wasted. I have my newspaper clippings to go through. Yes I talk about my newspaper clippings every Sunday...but I've got a lot of newspaper clippings. A lot is an understatement, frankly.

I usually save up the papers for Sunday and go through them all in a bunch. And if there is anything more depressing than reading horrible news on a daily basis, it's reading horrible news one after the other after the other in a single day. It never changes. Trusted people turn out to be pedophiles, girlfriends leave their baby with a boyfriend who kills it because it won't stop crying, incompetent construction work causes collapses that kill innocent motorists, gangs of young kids like to go around beating up on homeless people, etc. etc. Irag is heading toward Civil War, Iran defies the UN, North Korea defies Japan, nuclear weapons are proliferating...didn't any of these countries learn anything from what the US and Russia went through? Problem is, if you get the right sort of religious fanatic, they're going to let off a bomb even if it does destroy them along with the rest of the world for the rest of time. Yeah, you psychos, that's just what your god would have wanted. Nobody left to believe in him, whether he's the right god or not.

Well, that sounds a bit dark, doesn't it.

So cheer up by visiting The Thunder Child where the only thing you have to worry about is giant ants.

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