Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10/11: Predictions on the aftermath of death of Cory Lidle

It turns out Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle was on board the plane that crashed into the New York highrise. My dad, who is a pilot, thinks there must have been mechanical failure, since single engine planes don't normally fly that low...and he mentioned what happened to that golfer..Payne Stewart...who died when his plane lost pressure and the passengers lost consciousness and the plane just kept flying on autopilot until it crashed.

Anyway, terrible for his family, of course, as well as for the family of the instructor and the two other people on the ground who also apparently died.

And now if I may become cynical:

Predictions (which I hope will not come true)
1. Cory Lidle's family will sue the family of the instructor (who obviously didn't teach Lidle well enough) , and the airplane manufacturer, and the facility where the craft was supposed to be maintenanced.

2. The families of the flight instructor, and the two other people who died, will sue Cory Lidle's family, and the plane manufacturer, and the airport they took off from, etc.

3. The owners of the high-rise building will also sue the people listed above.

4. Passers-by on the street will also sue the people listed above, since they were traumatized when they saw it happen.

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