Thursday, October 12, 2006

10:12/ 1. Incoming Books

Revieved the following books to review from Warner Books:

Warrior and Witch, by Marie Brennan. "When a witch is born, a doppelganger is created. For the witch to master her powers, the twin must be killed. Until now..."

DC Universe: Helltown, by Dennis O'Neill. Prose fiction. The Question, Batman, Lady Shiva.

DC Universe: The Trail of Time, by Jeff Mariotte. Prose fiction. Superman, the Phantom Stranger, The Demon. Jonah Hex.

Fledgling, by Octavia Butler. "An unflinching parable about race, identity, and science...a layered family sagaa that embraces the bloodthirsty basics of a vampire thriller."

I'm kind of bummed about this last one...I wanted to get some Octavia Butler to review but I don't like vampire thrillers. Neverthless, I'll give it a fair go, or send it to one of my new reviewers who likes this kind of thing. It's easy, if not enjoyable, to review books in a genre one dislikes, you just read the book on its merits and report on 'em.

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