Sunday, October 08, 2006

10/8: 2. Vikings Win

My MN Vikings won....just barely, against a rotten team, the Detroit Lions. So unfortunately I don't think they're going to do very well this year.

Anyway, I've been bopping around reading a few other people's blogs, and I've noticed that they report the same trend that I see - on the weekends readership drops off precipitously.

So...I think from now on I'll save info for my late night posts from Monday through Friday, and just post here on the weekends to maunder on about sports and stuff.

Although it does look as if I've got at least one more book reviewer lined up for The Thunder Child, which pleases me. I'm going to have to be very upfront with him that I will not tolerate him getting a book and refusing to review it, or getting a book and taking three months to review it. That way lies never getting another book to review again!

Right now The Thunder Child only averages about 5 book reviews an issue, and three of those are children's books, which doesn't really cut it. I want The Thunder Child to become a source for people who want to find out what books they should be reading...if I can get enough reviewers to do 50 reviews a month (of current and retro offerings, I'll be well pleased.)

Now, downstairs to watch the Phillies hopefully beat up on the Cowboys...

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