Monday, December 29, 2014

Into The Woods advertising

Has it really been over 7 months since I've written in this blog?  Wow, time goes by fast.

Anyway, the ads for the movie *musical* Into the Woods are really annoying me.  Are they trying to make people *go* to this movie, or drive them away?

It's a MUSICAL, for God's sake.  Why not show a musical number, instead of editing things so that there is no singing at all?

I'm also puzzled by the inclusion of Johnny Depp as the Wolf. One of the key parts of the play is that the Wolf and Prince Charming are played by the same actor - because Charming *is* a wolf - going after and seducing every woman he sees.

So it seems like Depp was just cast for "star value" - as if Meryl Streep and Chis Pine weren't good enough for that?