Sunday, October 15, 2006

10/15: 1. Darn power failures

I live in Virgina, not Hawaii, which today I'm happy about. Hope everyone in Hawaii pulls through okay. (For those who don't know, a 6.8 earthquake hit the Big Island this morning. No tsunami, apparently, but buildings on the island were damaged, power out, etc.

Anyway, in my case, for the last week or so it seems like the power goes out at least one a day, for just a few seconds, if that long. Of course everything that's on gets turned off, including my computer, which I always leave on during the day regardless if I'm in front of it or not.

And today, for some reason, the power outage seems to have wiped out my settings for my google home page, so all my space and science newsfeeds have disappeared. And I can't find any way to get them back...which is very annoying and speaks of bad design by somebody...these newsfeed choices should be somewhere where they're easy to see, and they must have been like that at one point otherwise how would I have found them in the first place?

Been spending the day watching football. Cowboys won, which was good, but Owens had a good day, too. Boo, hiss. Vikings had a bye. Redskins lost to the Titans...looks like Vince Young is the real deal. Tonight I'll be switching between the Mets vs St. Louis (unless it gets out of hand early) and the Raiders. I'd really like to see if they ever throw the ball to Randy Moss. That guy has been a real bust for the Raiders, that's for sure.

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