Tuesday, October 03, 2006

10/3: 1. Steve Holland as Flash Gordon

Many months ago I picked up a $1.00 DVD at Walmart, Flash Gordon, the 1950s tv series filmed in post World War II Berlin, Germany, starring Steve Holland as Flash Gordon, Irene Champlin as Dale Arden and Joseph Nash as Dr. Zarkov.

I haven't actually watched them yet...but I intend to do so this month. There's 3 episodes on this DVD, 1. Deadline at Noon, 2. Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death, and 3. Flash Gordon and the Brain Machine.

All reviews I've read of 'em aren't very complementary, which is why I'm not in much of a hurry to watch them, but I've set my goal to watch them this month.

One thing I like to do when looking at a DVD is to check out the DVD's set up - their 'main page', and the design of all the other pages. The Flash Gordon dvd was put out by a company called DVD Video, or mebbe it's called DigiView Productions.

For a dollar DVD, it's got some nice menus.


Anonymous said...

Your right...the name of the company is Digiview Productions (dba Digiview Entertainment) If you like Flash Gordon you probably will like other genres we produce as well...go to www.digiviewus.com to view our vast library.

Guy Vetrano
National Sales Director
Digiview Entertainment
100 South Washington Avenue
Dunellen, New Jersey 08812
Email: Gavino@digiviewus.com

Anonymous said...

I like this show.
Some episodes are better than others, of course.
My favorite episode is called "Breath of Death"
I'll take these old shows, Space Patrol, Rocky Jones, Flash Gordon over what passes for entertainment today, anytime.
It would be nice to see all these flash gordon episodes unearthed. It seems like there are only a half-dozen available at this point.
Glad I stopped by here! Nice Blog!
Glad to have picked up the website of the previous comment-maker too!