Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10/4: 1. Blah day today

It's 7 pm my time and I haven't accomplished much today. Spent the morning painting water-proof stuff on the fence of my parent's townhouse, then watched the Twins lose to Oakland. I hope they can at least salvage a game out of this series, but it was just sad. (For those not in to sports, Tori Hunter let a ball get by him for an inside the park homerun, just an inning after the Twins had managed to tie it up.)

My mom had a doctor's appointment today. She's got congestive heart failure already, and now apparently her bloodpressure is at 200 so she'll be going into the hospital for a day of observation sometime soon. So that was depressing news.

I've dipped a bit into Moskowitz, but frankly I just haven't been in the mood.

A blah day all along...

Oh, well, you've read this depressing entry, cheer yourself (and me) up by visiting:
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