Monday, October 09, 2006

10/9: 1. More football thoughts

Yesterday I watched the Redskins get beat by the Giants, the Cowboys lose to the Eagles, and the Chargers beat the Steelers.

I was really annoyed with the Giants game in one sense. A few of the defensive players had apparently derived a new schtick for the game...whenever they made a 'good' play, they'd act like a basketball player and shoot a basket. And I'm thinking to myself, just play the game, you idiots.

But then, I think the majority of football players these days spend a lot of time devising their celebratory moves for every occassion...moves I won't even describe but look so silly...especially when the game's just started and there's nothing to celebrate, or near the end when they're down by a ton and still celebrating because they themselves have made a good stop, or something.

It's just pathetic. I want my entertainment to be watching the guys play football, not acting out little "look at me, ma, no class" skits afterwards.

Then there was Terrell Owens and the Cowboys. During the first half of the game, Bledsoe rarely looked Owens way. There were shots on the sidelines of Owens yelling at people, and even more amusing shots of him just sitting on the bench, looking lost. (Of course, I'm sure lots of receivers do this during a game, and it isn't shown, but TO demands the camera and the camera watches him all the time.)

And it would have been amusing if the Cowboys had managed to win without using TO, but unfortunately, Drew Bledsoe imploded on the last march down the field. Took a 22-yard long sack that any college player would have known not to take, let alone a 10-year veteran...and then threw an interception into the endzone. That's just unacceptable.

So frankly TO has a lot to beef about. And I won't be surprised if the rookie quarterback Romo starts for the Cowboys next week.

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