Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10/10: 2. Legislating start times

Last year, there was some fuss in Connecticut. Lawmakers - politicians - were trying to put through a bill to make it a law that movie theaters would have to start their movies on the time advertised on the marquee, and not have trailers or ads before hand.

And I thought to myself at the time...with all the problems this country has to deal with, with all the problems the state of Connecticut has to deal with, why in the world are politicians getting involved in something as petty as when a movie is supposed to start?

I thought of this again tonight, when I turned on my TV at 8 pm expecting to see Tigers vs As, and of course there's 30 minutes of pre-game stuff that I have no interest in.

All right, I'll be honest. I wasn't expecting to see the game start promptly at 8. I haven't just fallen off the turnip truck, ya know. Most games - in any league, always start 15 minutes after the advertised time, so they can get in some advertisements and such.

And I don't like it. But I sure don't want Congress to get involved in it. They're incompetent in what they're doing already, so keep them out of Major League Sports! Let the viewers complain and agitate if they want to...or like me, just know not to turn on the TV til 30 minutes after the game is scheduled to start.

(And having said that, since anyone who goes to a theater regularly knows that there's 15 minutes of ads before the movie starts - there is *no* excuse for being late! And it's not like a play - which will always start on time! But unpunctuality really, really irks me...)

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