Friday, October 06, 2006

10/6: 1. Dropping Pennies

A couple of days ago I came across a man's blog. He writes about making money on the web, by writing content for websites, etc.

The blog itself has been very helpful, as he's provided links to a couple of excellent sites.

But, I haven't been impressed by the man's writing. In his introductory post he said he had a degree in creative writing, which shocked me because his prose was sooo bad.

Even if he's just writing a blog, I thought to myself, he should still take as much care with his prose as if he were writing someone's web content...because based on his blog prose I certainly wouldn't hire him to write for me.

And then it struck me. I do the same thing with my blog. It's just a blog, so I don't spend a great deal of time re-reading and polishing. I just do, in the main, stream-of-consciousness writing. And on the occasions when I have re-read my entries a couple of days later, I have noticed a few ungrammatical instances, or an unclear sentence, etc.

And this is, of course, bad. The whole purpose of this blog is to drive fascinated readers over to my webzine, The Thunder Child, and they're hardly likely to do that if they read a few paragraphs, think, "My goodness she doesn't write well for someone who wublishes a magazine." (Wublish, that's a word of my own coining. W- for web, and ublish, for publishing. Wublish - publishing on the web.)

And so I now vow to take a bit more care with my entries. Not another ungrammatical turn of phrase or murky piece of writing shall be found here!

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