Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ghost Guns Virginia

Well, I've just launched my new website, Ghost Guns Virginia, which is concerned with (mostly) military history of Virginia.

is the URL for anyone who wants to check it out.

I'm kind of annoyed...I bought the domain a couple of days ago and thought I could host it on my Ipower server along with The Thunder Child, but although it's possible to do this feature with the package I bought ---now, apparently when I bought this hosting package this service wasn't available. *I think.* I've emailed two different times about this and each time I get an ungrammatical answer that doesn't really address the issue, so I'm assuming Ipower has outsourced their help desk overseas and the people there simply respond by rote.

So, I have a pointer from to a folder on my Thunder Child site. And I did this pointer a couple of days ago and GhostGunsVirginia (the domain) still isn't showing up, let alone directing it to the proper place. So I'm going to give it another day and then try to email them again.

Meanwhile, I took out a Google Adwords ad...and they're going to charge me 20 cents a click for my keywords which is absolutely ridiculous. I was hoping for 5 cents a click - that'd be reasonable.

So I'll see how it goes...I don't want to put it on search engines until I've got the domain name issue sorted for now via Adwords is the only way people will find out about it.

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