Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry's comments, and abstinence

John Kerry's comments on UTube

is the recording of John Kerry saying that "If you don't do well in school you get stuck in Iraq."

How about, if you don't do well in school you get stuck in welfare lines waiting for money to feed your five illegitamate kids? If you don't do well in school you get stuck in New Orleans/ [These were comments from callers to the Neal Boortz show].

Yeah, Kerry just annoyed me. My father served in Korean and Vietnam, my brother was in the Navy, my sister and her husband are in the Air Force, both have pretty good lives despite the fact that they've each had to go, at separate times, over to Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield...

Lots of men and women go into the military - most of them do it to get a free education and serve their country. If they're betrayed by the politicians in power - Republican or Democrat - it is the fault of the politicians, not the people who serve.

I'm really getting tired of these dirty politics. Here in Virginia, Allen calls someone to whom he's talking a 'macaca.' Regardless of what he thought the word meant, he meant it in a derogatory way, otherwise why use it? So losing ground he has his people read James Webb's book and pull out paragraphs from *fictional activities* designed to elicit the horror of war, the horror of what goes on, and try to make out he wouldn't write this stuff unless he liked it. And Sean Hannity picks this up and runs with it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I think the whole US political system needs an overhaul. Ban political action committees. Allow line-by-line vetoes of bills. Don't allow polticians to vote themselves raises. Get rid of pork barrel spening.

Latest news today is that the Republicans are going to spend OUR TAX MONEY promoting commercials and such for adults 20-29 to try abstinence. I guess because they're tired of seeing all these illegitimate babies - a drain on the welfare system - as indeed I am. But abstinence isnt going to work. Teach 'em to use condoms. Or birth control. That's the only way. Better still, teach young women to have more respect for themselves and their goals so they don't have illegitimate babies in an attempt to prove they're attractive enough to 'get a man,' which I suspect leads a lot of young girls into sex, and having a baby to prove they've had sex.

And that's the rant for today.

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