Monday, October 02, 2006

10/2: 2. How to Make a Website work for you

Okay, I admit that in the past I haven't always followed my own rules...I'll create a webpage design for an article that is too busy, or not clear...opaque, even...but when I go back and look at it a week or a month later, I can always see then that there is a problem, and I fix it.

Some people can't seem to do this.

Take for example Conor Timmis. He's got a blog on My Space for his doc, Kreating Karloff. But no where on there is a great big screaming button saying "Screening Info" Click here to see in which festivals you can see this doc.

Oh, it's there, but it's an entry in the blog itself, so it gets lost amidst the other headlines (for example the link to my review, the link to MJ Simpson's review, the links to Fangoria and Red Hot Planet, etc.) but it doesn't stand out!

Now, maybe this is just me. I am not the most noticing person to begin with...but when I went to his blog to check out the screening schedule I expected to see it right there, unmissable..and it didn't even occur to me to look at the entry titles for was only on my second return to the blog (which I doubt if most people would do) that I took extra special care in looking around and saw the "Screening" headline.

Well, I won't email Conor and make the suggestion that he beef up the location of that link, though I'd like to! I am as I've said in the past a 'take charge' kinda girl, always knowing best, and if other people think what they're doing is just find they do get kinda annoyed if someone else comes along out of the blue and says, "No, you should do this, this and this instead."

I probably would, myself!

On the other hand...I *do* ask for feedback from for example the people reading this blog....c'mon, people. I know you're coming here and reading, but I feel like I'm posting in a vacauum nevertheless because I'm getting no feedback.

C'mon - have a good sci fi website you want to suggest? Read a good book lately? Tell me, and my other readers, about it.

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