Friday, October 13, 2006

10/13: Space headlines for 10/12

Didn't have time to post these last night:

Big-headed 'prehistoric' mouse is alive in Europe — New Scientist
Trouble in Darwin's paradise — New Scientist
Combing the Cosmos at High Speed: The Allen Telescope Array –
Jupiter's Small Spot Changes Hues –
Kamikaze comet ripples Saturn's ring – New Scientist
Cassini Image Shows Saturn Draped In A String Of Pearls – Science Daily
Ad Astra: Taking Spaceflight Into Our Own Hands –
Apollo-Era Mission Control Room Revived For Space Station –
Distant Planet is Half Fire, Half Ice –
Large Galaxy Caught in the Making –
Space Station Gyroscope Powered Down After Glitch –
Astronomers First To Measure Night And Day On Extrasolar Planet – Science Daily

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