Tuesday, October 03, 2006

10/3: 2 The Sand Rock Sentinel will have a second issue!

Tuesday night, Oct 3, 2006

Topics covered in my late night entry:
1) Website
2) General
3) Radio
4) Reviews
5) Issue Notes
6) Space/Ocean Headlines
7) Quiz

1) Website

Perry Rhodan page


2) General
I had emailed Joe Moe, Forry Ackerman’s assistant, a couple of days ago, and he finally got back to me. He’d been dealing with the flu, Forry had kidney stones, but they’re doing better now so hopefully something will happen with the interview.

My Twins lost. I spent two hours watching the game. They had a chance, but couldn’t execute with one man on 2nd and nobody out..and then the reliever Crain gave up a homerun to Frank Thomas five seconds after the announcers had said he hadn’t given up a run in 23 innings of pitching.

And on a personal note, this pitcher, Crain, had a stupid beard. No moustache. Beard running down the sides of his chin, and then a patch of about three inches sticking out like a truncated Assyrian beard. I noticed a couple of football players last Sunday had the same kind of thing going. It looks so stupid. But guys are just like girls...they go with the style trends.

Mark Foley is now saying he was “abused by a clergyman” when he was a teen. Apparently this is what turned him gay. But he “accepts full responsibility” for his salacious emails to a teen. This is such a crock. The man’s gay. This is *not* a problem. The problem is that the man is stupid. What is he doing sending salacious emails to a 16 year old kid? Especially after he’d been told not to do it anymore? Don’t these politicians realize that their free ride from the press is over? It used to be the press would hush up politician’s affairs, not anymore. Also by soliciting from a minor he’s opening himself up to blackmail if the kid is of a certain type. (Not a gay type, but a see a chance to blackmail an idiot and grab it type).

And I would assume it also gives the lie to “gaydar.” If gaydar worked, Foley would have known he was soliciting a kid who wasn’t gay and would have just left him alone.

3) Radio
Monday’s offering
Writer-performer Ben Moor stars with Sarah Solemani in a new sci-fi series, exposing a very different side to London. Episode 1 of 5.

4) Reviews
Need to work on Doctor Who, The Aztecs and the Flash Gordon episodes.

5) Issue Notes
Bean reading Seekers of Tomorrow by Moskowitz all day. He’s written 3 non-fiction books about the history of sci fi fandom and sci fi writers, I’ll be writing an article about his writing.

I’ve also been working on the Feb 1953 issue of The Sand Rock Sentinel. That’s my ‘spoof ezine’ which “rips the headlines from 1950s sci fi movies.” It’s basically a way to try to teach history at the same time as providing 1950s sci fi entertainment.

6) Space/Ocean Headlines

Ocean Headlines
Salmon Farms Kill Wild Fish, Study Shows - Science Daily

Space Headlines
Big bang theorists scoop Nobel prize for physics – Daily Scientist
Mysterious Radio Hiss Blamed on Space Weather – Space.com
Huge 'launch ring' to fling satellites into orbit – New Scientist
Big Bang Researchers Snag Nobel Prize – Space.com
Space Tourism Survey Shows Cost, Access Key Selling Points – Space.com
New ISS Astronauts Settle in for Long Haul – Space.com
'Ancient light' takes Nobel Prize – BBC News (Big Bang Theory, see 1st headline)
Largest 3D map of nearby galaxies released – Daily Scientist

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