Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10/10: 1. Truth in the news

The two photos below have been making the rounds of various anti-Republican blogs. They're the ones that show that Fox News labeled Foley as a Democrat, rather than a Republican, which is what he is. And apparently this informatition was aired during The O'Reilly Factor. I don't watch O'Reilly, but I've always trusted him, and one wonders if he ever addressed this issue, or if Rush Limbaugh addressed it, etc.

I myself am a Republican, and I'm not going to abandon the party just because they let this idiot keep his position even though they knew, apparently for several years, that he was sending emails to pages. That would be the same as abandoning the American political system because 95% of the politicians are crooks.


Well, flawed as we've allowed our system of government to get by allowing these crooks into power, it's still better than anything else out there.

(Everytime I look at the lawlessness in Russia just after the Communists went under and Capitalism came to the fore, or the corrupt Mexican and various African governments, and people condemn this on somewhat racist grounds - I always think of our own Tweed Ring...and all the other corrupt political machines we've had. I guess the difference is the country was so stable that we could last through it...but politicians are the same everywhere.

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