Friday, September 08, 2006

9/8: Friday already?

This week has certainly gone by fast.

Haven't accomplished as much as I would like, but I expect to have the first week's curriculum of the TechnoOcean Academy finished today. For the first several months the TechnoOcean Academy consisted of a sci fi future blog which was supposed to be updated every day, but I never had time to work on it so now it's just going to be two things - a course in oceanography *and* a monthly serial...depicting a water-scarce world just 20 years away (originally I'd set it in 2016 but now I'm going to make it a bit grimmer and set it in 2020.)

I'm going to write a series of articles on Disney science fiction movies - I'd started out with The Absent Minded Professor and then got sidetracked. Now that's back on track.

I've got a copy of Kreating Karloff to review, a book called Echelon, and intend to review at least 3 more.

Will spend the weekend sending out emails to conventions requesting to be put on media lists.

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