Thursday, September 14, 2006

9/15: (Friday) Blog Update Schedule

I've decided to put this blog on a more regular schedule, so that my return readers will know when to return to read all this good stuff.

So, from now on, a new entry to this blog will be uploaded between 11:30 pm and 12:00 am, eastern time. (That's because I'm located in Virginia.)

New features for this blog starting with the next entry:
1) A website of interest to the science/ science fiction fan
2) A quiz (I've been searching the web for stuff to add fun games to my sites)
3) A book, movie or record review - either of a new offering or a 'retro' review of an old offering

For this entry, I'll just talk about what irks me about the Sports newsgroups.

I spend way too much time bopping around the various usenet message boards (I use to find them - they've sold out to Google but the URL still works) . Spending 20 years in Minnesota as I did, I grew attached to the Minnesota Vikings, Timberwolves and Twins. (Those are the only 3 sports, just so ya know - although I like sumo and cricket...)

Anyway, in addition to my home grown teams there are also certain players I like to keep track of. For example I always kept track of Doug Flutie's career when he came over from Canada to the States...I dislike Randy Moss and so am looking at his career with the Raiders with interest, etc...

Anyway, being over 40 years old, I guess I'm more mature than most people who post on these sports groups, although even as a kid and young woman I never would have posted some of the crap that gets posted there.

I mean, in those years when my favorite teams haven't done so well I've referred to them regretfully in a diminuitive fashion - The Twinkies, the Viqueens, I've never called the Timberwolves the T-pups but I'm sure that's their nickname amongst those who like to put teams down...

Anyway, those are my teams and I refer to them that way with a certain fondness...but I would never refer to other teams - or players - in such a derogatory way. And yet a lot of what passes for 'wit' on these boards is people referring to teams or players in a derogatory way. They will never use the correct name, only an insulting one...and I can only assume they do it because they think they look smart in so doing.

And to me, they just look like idiots.

And of course from the armchair sportsplayers to the professionals...there's some athletes who could use some maturation/class as well...I get so sick and tired of watching a player do some kind of victory dance after sacking a quarterback, for example...this when his team is down by 2 touchdowns. Doesn't matter, he did something good. It just makes them look stupid and childish, and its a pity that their coaches can't say, "Hey, act like somebody."

So, that's my sports rant for today.

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