Saturday, September 16, 2006

9/16: Saturday Space

Saturday night, Sept 16, 2006

1) Website
2) Quiz
3) Radio
4) Reviews - Every Sunday
5) Issue Notes
6) General (including sci fi radio, etc. )

1) Website

The website for today is:

This is the BBC’s official site on Doctor Who, and it has lots of great stuff on all the Doctors, from William Hartnell onward. Sound clips, film clips and more. So I’d invite any Doctor Who fans to check this out.

2) Quiz

Only one question in today’s quiz. How can you tell a male cow from a female cow?


X Minus One aired Thursday on You can listen to it in the archives for three more days: Thursday 9-14 X-Minus One
Originally broadcast: 10/3/1957 - "A Wind is Rising"

At BBC Radio 7, part 3 of Doctor Who, "Storm Warning" is now playing.

3) Reviews - Every Sunday
Well, wouldn’t this just frost ya? I was all set to see Monster House today...and it’s no longer at my local theater. Two days ago it was - but today, it’s gone. There wasn’t much else at the AMC 24 that I wanted to see. The animated baseball movie Everyone’s Hero looks interesting, but I’d better go see Barnyard because that’s been out longer and will probably disappear soon..

4) Issue Notes
I’ve been making good progress on my article on the history of science fiction fandom. I work for about 10 minutes at a time, then take a break by reading. Current books are Robert Heinlein by Leo Stover, Nazi Science by Mark Walker, and various children’s oceanography books. Will be sending an interview to Marshall Thomas tomorrow which I hope will make it into the issue.

5) General

Doctor Who still thrives in radio drama. According to the BBC Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor) will be starring in 6 dramatizations. Horror of Glam Rock sounds interesting. (Glam Rock is like Kiss, I think...grown men wearing 12 inch heels and oversize glasses with windshield wipers on them)

"Blood Of The Daleks" by Steve Lyons
"Horror Of Glam Rock" by Paul Magrs
"Immortal Beloved" by Jonathan Clements
"Phobos" by Eddie Robson
"No More Lies" by Paul Sutton
"Human Resources" by Eddie Robson

By the way, part 3 of the 4 part "Storm Warning" will be going off air tonight, so if you haven’t listened to it yet, hurry over to BBC7's Listen Again page. Saturday’s shows will be online for five days as of tomorrow (Sunday) and include Jefferson 37 and Journey Into Space.

Movies playing at the AMC 24 on this date:
Accepted - Bad student creates his own university
Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
Crank - by the plot description, I’d say this is a ripoff of DOA and also Speed. (In Speed, the bus couldn’t slow down past a certain point or a bomb would go off. In Crank, the guy’s *heart rate* can’t slow past a certain point.)
Crossover - African Americans trying to make it out of the ‘hood
Everyone's Hero - animated, about finding Babe Ruth’s baseball bat. I’d like to see this.
Gridiron Gang - football. College student angst. I’ll skip.
Hollywoodland - mysterious death of George Reeves
Idlewild - Musical set in Prohibition era south
Invincible - Another football tale
Little Miss Sunshine - Disfunctional family trying to get daughter to beauty pagant
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - not as good as the first movie, pretty much a remake of the first movie...but if you like Captain Jack Sparrow...
Pulse - horror movie. I don’t even wanna know what it’s about.
Snakes on a Plane - No interest in it.
Step Up - “chick flick” I guess, about dancing
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - I can’t believe this movie is still playing and they dropped Monster House
The Black Dahlia - way too grim for me.
The Covenant - another horror story. Don’t wanna know.
The Guardian - the US Coast Guard academy. Stars Kevin Costner
The Illusionist - magician in turn of the century Vienna marries above his station
The Last Kiss - another “chick flick.” Not interested!
The Protector - a Kung Fu movie. I like to see these once in a while...but not in the mood today.
The Wicker Man - horror movie. Remake of what some people consider a classic. Not interested.
Trust the Man - “chick flick.”
World Trade Center - way too depressing to watch.

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