Friday, September 15, 2006

9/15 (Friday): Blog now structured for maximum info!

Friday night, Sept 15, 2006

From now on this blog will be updated every night between 11.30 pm - 12 am., Eastern time! (Which is apparently about 8.30 pm Pacific time, where the clock for this blog program is actually located...

It will contain the following features:

1) Website of the day
2) Quiz
3) Reviews - Every Sunday
4) Issue Notes
5) Space and Ocean Headlines
6) General (including sci fi radio, etc. )

1) Website
The website for today is:

It features "Roadside Rockets" - and is hosted by Rocket Team Vatsaas.
Basically what they provide are photos of rockets models that can be found along the roads in various states - as well as other countries. There’s actually a couple of sites like this on the web, featuring photos of science fiction type stuff/dinosaurs etc.

I’d like to start a section similar to this on The Thunder Child, by the way, so if you have any photos you’d like to share, please send them along! They must be your original photos, please, not something downloaded from someone else’s site. It can depict the same item - but it’s got to come from your own camera!

2) Quiz
There’s no quiz for today. I’m going to set aside some time each weekend to come up with 7 quizzes, so that after a week or so I’ll be able to post a quiz here and still have some left in reserve, so that I don’t have to bustle around every day trying to think of a quiz.

3) Reviews - Every Sunday for a movie seen on Saturday.
I’ll be seeing Monster House this Saturday in the theater. Stay tuned. Yes, I know it’s been out for a while but I want to see it. I’ll be passing on Hollywoodland...I’m a fan of George Reeves and I don’t think he’s depicted properly in this film.

4) Issue Notes
In addition to my article on the history of science fiction fandom, I wanted to have an index of all the people involved, so that other people could use it as source material. Since compiling information is a lot easier, and quicker, than writing, the index is now done - in the sense that names in 4 books, from Isaac Asimov on Science Fiction to Sam Moskowitz’s Immortal Storm have been added. It’s a dynamic document, names will be continually added as I go through more reference books.
I want to increase my book review coverage. I advertised for reviewers on a sci fi message board, haven’t gotten any responses yet. Disappointing, but we shall persevere.

5) Space and Oceanography Headlines
I'll start this tomorrow.

6) General
I hope you enjoy the new look of this blog, and find it useful. I hope you’ll return, and I hope you’ll also pay a visit to The Thunder Child!

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