Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11: Time keeps on slipping into the future

I didn't accomplish much yesterday except a journey into nostalgia...I watched Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick at the US Open. Tiger Woods was in the stands...and I could remember watching him win his very first Open...or Masters, or whatever it was (I am not in to golf, but my dad is and I was watching with him...)...

Then I watched Peyton Manning vs brother Eli during the night football game...and I could remember watching Peyton's first year...and that was 9 years ago. How highly touted he is...and yet his team hasn't come close to winning a Superbowl...and last year of course with the death of Tony Dungy's son and the loss of their no-loss season...very sad.

And 9 years later here I am...not much difference than I was then...working on my latest project, The Thunder Child...

At BBC7 you can now listen to the latest installments of Journey Into Space (they've finally reached Mars) and the Storm Warning serial of Doctor Who starring Paul McGann continues.

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