Tuesday, September 19, 2006

9/19: Information is of no use if you can't find it

Tuesday night, Sept 19, 2006

1) Website
2) Space/Ocean Headlines
3) Quiz
4) Radio
5) Reviews
6) Issue Notes
7) General

1) Website

Every science fiction fan knows about Locus, right?


2) Headlines

Space - chronological order as they appeared on the newsfeeds:
ESA to Sponsor Space Tourism Work
Distorted Solar System Discovered
Space Station Clears Docking Port for Arriving Spaceflyers
Scientists Snap First Images Of Brown Dwarf In Planetary System
Weather May Delay Atlantis Shuttle's Landing
First Female Space Tourist Says Hello to ISS Crew
Shuttle Atlantis crew prepares for homecoming
Shuttle, station, Soyuz crews enjoy orbital chat
Atlantis Landing Delayed After Mystery Object Spotted
Mysterious debris delays shuttle landing
First Real Emergency for Space Station
Soyuz docking with ISS not cancelled after shuttle landing delay
Mars probe obtains first radar images

Giant turtle is not a safe menu item

3) Quiz
Nothing today.

4) Radio
Nothing knew today on BBC7 or RadioSpirits...but episodes of Doctor Who and Jefferson 37 from yesterday will be available for another week. Not interested in audio drama? Try it anyway! It’s free - and you might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

5) Reviews

I picked up Doctor Who: The Aztecs, yesterday, and will be reviewing it for the October issue. Still have to review Kreating Karloff.

6) Issue Notes

Jean-Noel Bassior, author of Space Patrol, Missions of Daring in the Name of Early Television, emailed me and asked where the tribute to Ed Kemmer was archived. This nudged me to look at my archives section (which consists of the site map and each topic’s index page) and find that they were woefully incomplete. So everything’s on hold for a few hours while I get everything there up to snuff.

7) General
Canada bans smoking in hotels. Sean Penn lit up. He gets off scott free. The hotel is fined. Why is the hotel fined?, that is what I want to know. It was Sean Penn who lit up the cigarette, not the hotel. Was the hotel supposed to strip-search its guests to ensure that they didn’t bring cigarettes in with them? Was it supposed to douse him with water as soon as he lit up? What did the hotel do that warranted a fine, as opposed to Sean Penn?

These are the kinds of things that puzzle me...

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