Wednesday, September 27, 2006

9/27: 3. I love digital recorders

I picked up an Olympus digital recorder last year. Cost me about $130 or so, but it was worth it. (Well, actually it costs me more than that because it goes through Triple A batteries like nobody's business. The recorder is always on, so its always using juice. I put it on 'hold' but it still sucks the juice.)

Anyway, I still love it. Now instead of messing around with tape cassettes, I record everything on this digital recorder, and I can play it back and listen to it, forward, reverse, etc., all without messing up a tape.

I've been watching Kreating Karloff and recording various snippets of dialogue to use in my review. It's rather a fun film - an 'extended screen test' for an actor who wants to play Karloff in a biopic, should one ever come to fruition. A man with a goal and determination!

I've also started working on the Feb 1953 issue of The Sand Rock Sentinel, a mock newspaper from the 1950s in which I'll be chronicling all the sci fi movies of the day as if they'd really happened, interspersed with actual news of the time. I did an issue about a year ago, and am finally in the mood to do another one!

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