Saturday, September 30, 2006

9/30: 2. Clive Francis Rocks!

Clive Francis and Peter O'Toole in Masada

I have long been a fan of a British actor named Clive Francis, so much so that I actually did a small website tribute to him. Although I've added to it intermittently over the years it was always a hard task because I live in the States and he does his work in England.

Imagine my shock, delight, nay, exuberance even, in getting an email from Mr. Francis today saying he liked the site, and would I like him to "fill in the gaps" in the biography, and add some photos. I emailed him back and said yes, yes, yes. (Imagine the emphasis for yourselves.)

Now, of course, anybody on line can say they're anybody else, but this man's email was the "right" email (Francis is a noted caricaturist and this email reflected that.)

So right now I am so stunned and delighted that I'm going to have to go for a quick bike ride to work off all this energy! Then I need to prepare myself to spruce up Mr. Francis' site with the new material he'll be sending me, which I of course hope will be soon - I'm so excited!!!

When the site is updated and looking good, I'll share the URL here.

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Tl Rankin said...

Please Help Me with The Clive Francis Website:
"Masada Files" page =won't load the photos listed.
I am dying to see them +read his personal reviews.
Lisa Rankin
life-long Clive Francis fan: