Friday, September 29, 2006

9/29: 2. Shopping carts and you

One of my pet peeves has long been people's treatment of shoppng carts. I've noticed it for 10 years, I'm sure it's been going on since shopping carts were invented...I'm sure it will continue to go on.

Basically it's this. Why do 90% of shoppers just leave their shopping cart beside their car, get in and drive off? Why can't they take one minute more and roll the cart over to the 'cart collection' row or whatever it's called.

Today was really annoying, in that two people had actually left their carts right beside the cart collection row. They just couldn't be bothered to take two extra steps and deposit the cart inside it.

I always take a cart in with me when I go into a grocery store, and depending on how much stuff I buy I never take a cart out.

Yeah, I know if you live in a place where the winters get really cold you don't wanna be outside your car any longer than necessary...or if its pouring with rain. But this happens every day - in beautiful weather - and it's simply because people are too lazy to do the polite thing.

I can remember a few years ago my dad and I had just got to our car after doing some shopping. On the opposite side a guy just finished unloading his cart, and started to get into his car, leaving the cart in the middle of the parking space beside him.

"You're just going to leave it there?" My dad called across to him, before getting into the car. The guy looked upset and yelled back, "You must be a Democrat."

I just thought that was hilarious, on a couple of levels. First, you try to point out to someone they should be polite and they politicize it...and second, accusing my dad of being a Democrat. He's a Republican all the way (although, like me, he does believe that all politicians are crooks. And they are, ya know.)


Eternity said...

Shopping carts ;there are some guys paid to take them back to the supermarket lines.(In Chile)

The Thunder Child said...

Stores employ people to collect carts and bring them back inside...but that happens perhaps once every three hours or so and the carts just pile up in the parking lot, blocking people from parking...or if its a windy day running into cars and ruining paintwork.