Tuesday, September 26, 2006

9/26: 1. Did I say people should learn from their mistakes?

A couple of days ago I created a cover for the October issue of The Thunder Child. It featured an illustration from the original Princess of Mars book, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I know I entitled it Octobercover...what else could I have titled it?? But now that I come to look for it to upload it to the site in preparation for the October issue, I can't find it!

I've done a search for Oct, and for October...and nothing. Frustrating.

And this isn't the first time this has happened. I'm frequently losing files..and as frequently vowing I'll be better prepared in future because I don't have ten minutes to waste looking for things that should be in the appropriate folder to begin with.

So...this time I'm definitely going to learn from my mistake, and in future make sure I put files in their appropriately ID'd folders to begin with. Although....I know I do this. I wonder if there's a gremlin lurking in my computer that likes to gaslight me...it's succeeding.

On a side note, I'm watching Creature from the Black Lagoon in preparation of doing an article on the trilogy, here's a famous photo:

Creature pic

UPDATE: Finally looked in my Trash folder, and there was the file, Octobercover.JPG. Now, that has me puzzled. Normally if I do a search on something, I get a list back of files even if they're in the trash...but not this time.

And what was my October cover doing in the trash, anyway?? Oh well, it's found now, it's uploaded now.

Today I'm going to get as much of the issue's Table of Contents done as I can...I think the issue is pretty much done except for waiting for reviews from my two book reviewers. I do have still to write a review of Echelon...

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