Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/10: Nice to have you back

I track the readership here at Daily Space. Nothing sophisticated, just how many people are return visitors, and its nice to see that so many of you are *return* visitors. Readership in general here is also gradually picking up, which is nice to see.

Weekends, however, do you seem to suck as far as readership is concerned...there's a significant dropoff both here and at The Thunder Child...which I've always thought odd because weekends should be *the* time for getting online.

But perhaps people spend their weekends watching sports (I know I'll be watching football from 1 pm onward) and spend their workdays surfing the web. I'm sure all my readers do it on their lunchtime, though!

Saturday's online at BBC7's Listen Again, with another installment of Journey Into Space, and the clone series Jefferson 37. I can see where the clone series is going right now - the clones are obviously thinking human beings regardless of what their 'creator' says, only question is will they all be destroyed or will they manage to escape. A sad tale, regardless, cuz you know cloning is going to be part of the future. I have no problem with stem cell research (or abortion or anything else) but it's only human nature for the bad to be taken to extremes - such as stealing other people's organs, etc., which I believe even now takes place in certain countries.

Brrr... Depressing.

On a lighter note, the shuttle Atlantis took off successfully yesterday. Here's to the International Space Station and to international cooperation in space.

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