Monday, September 25, 2006

9/25: 1. The Penny has dropped!

Up until about a week and a half ago, readership of this blog was pretty steady, with lots of return readers.

I decided to improve the blog by always updating it at a specific time - between 11.30 pm - 12 am, and to cover 7 different topics each day.

Then, I sat back and thought I'd track the jump in readership. Such was not the case. Readership dropped...markedly.

And I have to admit I was surprised and pretty disappointed. I had *improved* the blog from the old haphazard days...and now practically no one was reading! Was everyone nuts?

Then it occurred to me to check the counter stats. It had tracking statistics that I'd never bothered to look at before, thinking they wouldn't tell me anything of interest, but they did.

Seems like 90% of my readers weren't coming from The Thunder Child website, but rather from Each time you log on, bloggers see a listing of the most recently updated blogs...and so bloggers who were about to make their entries or just finish them would see the name Daily Space running across their screens and decide to check it out. And since I was now not posting in the middle of the day but late at night, no one was around to see the name and be intrigued! plan.

In addition to my regularly scheduled 11.30 pm blog update covering the seven usual suspects, I'll also post a couple of times during the day, to lure the unsuspecting bloggers to my lair, where hopefully they'll again become hooked to my Daily Space data bytes...and from here check out The Thunder Child science fiction web magazine.

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