Thursday, September 07, 2006

9/7: Thursday already

Opening football game a football fan I'm looking forward to this.

While I watch football, however, I also make constructive use of my time - I've gone through my 90 days of newspapers (saved for me while I was in Germany) and torn out the pages which contain interesting articles - space, oceans, certain crime events, etc., and now I have to cut them out of the pages and tape them up into notebooks, appropriately labeled. I hope to be finished with this backlog in a couple of weeks...then I've got to work on the backlog I had before I went to Germany...

No new sci fi at BBC7, just part 3 of the Daphne DuMaurier time travel tale. I'm still not in the mood to listen to it - although it is just a narration of the book, not a dramatization of it.

Also busy setting up the course for TechnoOcean Academy.

This weekend I'll be going to see a few movies...but Pirates of the Caribbean before that I'm back in the States I'll be seeing new releases on a regular basis and be able to review them here in real time.

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