Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well, well, well!

Looks like I just wore out my welcome on the Lady Vols message boards! I've just been banned!

Now that is just too funny!

All I said - in a thread today - was that I was writing a book about the Lady Vols, and hoped people would sign releases so that I could use stuff on the message boards. [I actually just said that as a dig, in response to some trash talking that had been happening earlier in this thread. I certainly wouldn't want to include the childishness that goes on there in a book about such a great program as the Vols...but I wanted them to give a thought to the fact...what if someone were writing a book and did come to that place to check out things being said - would they really want their conduct known to the world at large? As large as the Vols world-at-large would be, of course.]

A certain woman whom I will not name said no, no permission would be given, because Scout and Rocky Top News held copyright. So I said I'd deal with those head honchos when the time came. Or, do "fair use."

And that's all I said!

And now I've been banned!

Which accomplishes absolutely nothing at all because I just created a different screen name and I can get on and post again with no problem. So how stupid was that?

I'd really like to know who banned me, and why. I was given absolutely no warning. I don't see that I posted anything that was so terrible. Didn't call this particular woman a moron. Didn't call *anyone* a moron. My final post before I was banned merely said that someone *with* a book deal might check it out, and they might want to think on that before dissing one of Pat's friends on the boards - which they do periodically.

In the past, certainly, once in a while when someone would say something childish or unsportsmanlike I'd comment on that a reason to ban me? Because I was spoiling the fun of other people who didn't like to be told they were poor sports? I haven't made any comment of that nature for over a week, and only sporadically prior to that, because I've got to admit that it was pretty damn obvious that there was no point trying to raise anyone's consciousness there, so I just gave up on it.

The thread today started because I posted a paragraph about what Nancy Lieberman had said about the Vols, NC and UConn. And the woman whose name I won't mention just bitched into me...and I responded to her politely... book project has just moved to the head of the list of things I'm going to get done this year. Talk about incentive! I'm going to write a book about the Lady Vols [history of the rise of the WCBB as told through a history of the Vols], I'm going to get it published (easily done in this day and age) and I'm going to make a few stern remarks about the denizens of the Lady Vols message boards!

And I'll be laughed at by the denizens of all the other sports boards everywhere who behave in exactly the same way... but it will still make me feel better...

Of course any book publication is contingent on the Vols winning another Championship. If they don't win, no one will care about any book so there'd be no point anyway! So come on, Vols, you've got to win!

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