Saturday, January 06, 2007

A tale of three games

Jan 6, 2007. Today, in a few interminably long hours, the Tennessee Lady Vols are going to match up against the Uconn Huskies.

The game is going to be on TV, so I'll be able to watch it and see for myself how each of the players play, and how the referees call the game. Since it's on a major station, I'm hoping that we'll be able to see all kinds of replays of fouls called, which is usually not the case when WCBB plays on other stations.

In addition to watching the game, I'll be keeping track of it on the Lady Vols and UConn message boards. These message boards are the two most active in WCBB, it seems, each with a game thread for every game thread so viewers can comment (and share info with those unlucky enough not to be able to watch.)

In the past, when I have read these gamethreads after having actually seen the game, I usually feel like they were watching a different game from the one I watched. They complain about fouls that *were* fouls, they complain about fouls that *weren't* fouls, etc, while for the most part I saw it completely differently.

Each of the boards seems to think that the referees are biased against the other team. [Of course, that's so in lots of college sports, I think, and women's refs generally do have that reputation. I don't understand why it's never been addressed by the NCAA.]

Anyway, as a Pat Summitt fan, I'd like the Lady Vols to win the game. I was moved for a while to wish they'd lose. Childish of me, you'll think it, but a couple of idividuals on the Lady Vols boards were 'talking smack' about certain things, which annoyed me as exhibiting poor sportsmanship, and I wanted them to be shut up. Of course, they 'talk smack' on the UConn boards as well - but Pat Summitt is a classy coach and it always surprises me when people who profess to admire her don't follow her example of classiness.

But, I read an article in the Courant earlier tonight: The article in which Geno Auriemma had some things to say that I can only describe as.... ugh. Just ugh. Plus, he made a jeer at UT being the leader in the world in foul calls - I guess he's preparing for tomorrow and if the Vols win it'll be because the refs are biased in their favor.

I can't remember Summitt ever excusing a loss by saying that the refs caused it. She yells at them alot during games - as do all coaches - but afterwards? To the media? IF anyone *has* ever seen such a quote in a newspaper, please tell me!

The funny thing about the refs is that both fan bases hate one named Sally Bell. The Vols fans says she hates the Vols and always makes calls against them. The Huskies say that she's a Vol lover! Now how can that be, I wonder?

Anyway, from all that I've learned about Geno Auriemma over the past two years, and especially what I read tonight, I have to say that, despite the fact that his players are gonna play hard, and they have loyal fans, I think the man is an extreme jerk and I seriously hope the Huskies lose by 40 points!

And I hope the Terrapins lose as well. They are *finally* playing a ranked team, although the Spartans are only ranked 19th...however, I am happy they are on TV as I will be able to watch Sa'de Wiley-Gatewood, who has a history with the Vols. I'd like to be able to compare her style of play with that of the Vols...just to see what's so different.

Mind you, I don't like the Vols style of play! I like to see a motion offense with every player on the move all the time, running through screens and making cuts. That's fun to watch.

Well, we'll see how it goes.

If the refs let the ladies play, and if the ladies on both sides handle the pressure of this national should be a good game. And sorry to the Huskies, but I will visualize you losing by 40 for the next several hours! The thought is the will is the deed.

Go Lady Vols.

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