Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Timelash!

I've got so much to do, and so little time.

Saw Night at the Museum yesterday, liked it, have to write a review for it. I want to write an article on Nikola Tesla from The Prestige - a movie that I didn't really care for at all, but I liked Bowie's Tesla...

I've got 3 gigs from Elance that I have to work on so I can get paid some money, so I can pay my new clippings person, and a new person to do some typing for me...

I've got a book to read and review ....

Too much, too much, dahling.

Well, I've added a 'tooncast' to The Thunder Child. A webcomic called Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures. It's only updated once a week, which is too bad. Three times a week would guarantee more readers, *I* think, but then they probably don't have time to do more than one a week, either!

Let's give a loud shout out to Wesley Autrey, the 50-year old black construction worker in New York City who saw a guy fall on a subway train track, and WHILE A TRAIN WAS COMING, jumped down onto the tracks, and held the guy down in the little depression between the train rails, saving his life while the train ran past them.
Talk about a real life super hero.

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