Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back To Science Fiction

Nothing science fiction on BBC Radio 7 today - but that doesn't mean there isn't sci fi stuff to listen to there. They have 7 days of radio shows to listen to there. There still isn't any sci fi there, except the last 3 episodes of Out of the Silent Planet, and the last few episodes of Silver Chair.

I railed a few days ago about Radio Spirits having changed their website and gotten rid of their Archives and Schedule to Come, but they appear to have fixed that little problem.

So, lots of good radio to listen to, but only 1 hour a day, of course. And not much sci fi until:

Saturday 1-13
X Minus One
A Wind is Rising
Original Air Date - 10/3/1957
X Minus One
Prime Difference
Original Air Date - 1/2/1958

and Superman is coming:

Wednesday 1-31
Adventures of Superman
Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, Chapter 1
Original Air Date - 9/4/1945

Saturday 2-3
Dimension X
Report on the Barnhouse Effect
Original Air Date - 4/22/1950

Wednesday 2-7
Adventures of Superman
Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang, Chapter 2
Original Air Date - 9/5/1945

and if anyone here is a fan of Vincent Price, there's going to be an interview with him, along with an airing of one of my favorite radio programs, Three Skeleton Key (in which Price starred several times):

Tuesday 2-6
Three Skeleton Key with Vincent Price
Original Air Date - 3/17/1950
Speaking of Radio
Vincent Price and Chuck Schaden (Interview)
Original Air Date - 9/8/1971

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