Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New look of The Thunder Child

I'm constantly tinkering with the front page of The Thunder Child. Right now I've decided to have two new weekly features - highlight photos of the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons, starring with 3 a week of The Mad Scientist (the very first adventure), and 2 a week of Buck Rogers, the Buster Crabbe 1939 serial.

I've had the Buck Rogers DVD for a year now, and am finally going to watch it, just for this!

Also changed around the actual links to Latest Articles and Latest Reviews.

Now, if only my reviewers would send me stuff. The guy who'd irritated me so much is still with me and has sent some good stuff. Of the other 3 guys, haven't heard from 1 at all and so will not contact him again. He and the other 2 didn't do what I'd asked 'em to do, which was send me a list of books they'd wanted to review so I could get them sent to them. Annoying. But we'll see what can be done.

Meanwhile I have to read Shanghaied to the Moon by Michael Daley, it's been on my desk for 2 weeks or more...

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