Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back to science fiction!

Some of my readers have been complaining that I've been spending too much time ranting about sports and not enough time on the purpose of this blog - science fiction. And ya know, they're right.

So I've moved my sports ranting over to my other blog, "MLB Survivor Strategies". I'd created it last year to chart my success [or lack of it] on th MLB Survivor Game (each day, you had to select a winning team. You could use the same team no more than 3 times in a single game.)

It's been on hiatus since there's no baseball right now, so I decided to revive it a few months early and do my sports commentary there.

is the URL.

And now, back to science fiction.

Tonight's your last chance to hear Horror of Glam Rock at BBC Radio 7. It's actually not that original of a story. A group of Earthlings are trapped in a cafe in 1974 by a snowstorm, and there's creaturs outside trying to get in and eat 'em up. But Stephen Gately sings a song...

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