Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Fun After The Game

Sooner or later I'm going to get back to reporting science fiction news here on this blog, but for today...just a few more comments about fans of sports teams

Just checked out The Summitt and of course there's always the posters with class who say "Good game," and the gus from the other boards who visit and comment: "Opponent played good game," etc. etc., but now the other types are coming out, who have to get in their slams against Geno and the players and what the UConn fans are saying *on their own board*, about how the dunk is no big deal, how UConn beat themselves, etc.

I wish there was an alternate universe where UConn won so I could see how all the posts would be different, and yet the same - just coming from different people.

But, I'm glad Tennessee won. Simply because I don't really like Auriemma.

It was not a very balanced game, on either side. Candace Parker scored 30 points, next closest person was Sidney Spencer with 14. No one else in double figures. Well...whatever it takes to win. And its not like Alexis Hornbuckle didn't *try* to score 20 points, but her shots just didn't go in.

And as far as Dallas Cowboys football...Tony Romo bobbled the snap on a potential winning field goal. You've got to feel sorry for the guy. No matter what his team says to prop him up, you know he knows that they'd like to kick him, instead.

Lots of football today. I absolutely can't watch it. I have stuff to do!

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