Sunday, January 28, 2007


Went to see Night at the Museum again with a friend - I've really got to write a review of this soon! and once again they showed a trailer for a movie called Mimsy. This movie is clearly based on a short story called Mimsy Were the Borogroves. The title of the short story is based on a line in a poem by Lewis Carroll, but the way the trailer was playing out, Mimsy is the name of a doll that "teaches" the girl character "everything."

I didn't really care for the short story, but will probably go see the movie.

Rise of the Silver Surfer trailer was the kind that really didn't give you any idea of what the story was about - if you don't know who The Silver Surfer is, you won't know who the Silver Surfer is, if ya get my drift. Ends with the Surfer up in the atmosphere, choking Johnny so he loses consciousness and falls backwards, presumably toward Earth and death (or mebbe its because he's flown up too high where there's no oxygen).

Anyway, I don't like one of the powers they've given the Surfer, which is that he can apparently fly through buildings without hurting them, just kind of 'exudes through' and I'm thinking why, why, why give him that power?

Spiderman 3 looks kind of grim. Spiderman was my favorite comic book character growing up, but I stopped buying it around issue 200, partly because of price and partly because of the fact that the stories were just getting too grim.And this movie looks pretty grim.

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