Friday, January 19, 2007

Well, well well, part 2: The madness continues

Last night I had created a new screen name and signed on to the Summitt. It was perhaps an obvious screen name to anyone who had seen the Incredibles, and although all I did was a test post...the tone of that post, "Just want to see if I can post here," perhaps rather gave the game away.

Not that I was trying to be secretive.

Anyway, just tried to access the whole Summitt today and now it seems my entire ISP has been banned. Can't access *any* of the Summitt, even when I'm *not* logged in -- from this computer. And although I got an automated message to this new screen name that I had been banned...they didn't bother to tell me *why.* What did I do that was so terrible that I deserved to be banned? I never used foul language. Never told this one particular woman that she was an idiot - though she gave me ample opportunity to prove it. And the post that precipitated this tell people I was writing a book and would share "what goes on" on fan message boards... is what goes on there so terrible that it must not be shared?

Of course if they don't tell you why you've been banned, you can't come back and sue them, which is the reason why they do it. Also, you can't single out what person...although I'm thinking that the crazy lady has powers of banishment and did it herself...

I've got to admit its pretty funny.

So...I just created a new screen name on my laptop and went over to the boards and looked. The thread that last night was locked - is unlocked this morning. I didn't bother to check to see if the post that had precipitated my banishment is still there, but if it does give one to wonder. But the upshot of it all is that people can still talk about thread, and make critical comments about me, and I am no longer able to defend myself. Rather a cowardly thing to do, in fact.

I won't post anything with my new screenname, of course. Any comments that someone's being a poor sport - even if they clearly are - will identify me *immediately*. Nice to be known for a signature style... I wonder if any new saps who go there and take offense to some of the things said, and says so, will also be banned immediately in mistake for me? After all, "it's their boards and we're just guests."

Which is true enough. But the inmates are running the asylum.

And of course, it's all grist for the book mill.

But for now, on to more urgent matters.

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