Sunday, January 14, 2007

Deep Rising

I was watching the Bears vs the Seahawks today (and am glad the Bears won), but during commercials I'd channel surf and came across Deep Rising on one of my movie channels. They've been showing this movie every day for the past month, it seems.

It's all about heavily armed hijackers who take over a liner intending to loot it. The hijackers apparently use a boat captained by Treat Williams and his comic sidekick. Once on the boat, they discover that some "deep sea creatures" have invaded the ship and are eating all the people, leaving behind only red gore.

It's a stupid move. I just checked the IMDB and it has a 5.8 rating. I don't care about IMDB ratings all that much, some movies I like have bad ratings, but it is interesting to see that most people dislike this movie.

For one thing, of course, the man-eating deep sea monsters were justs stupid. 99% of the time it was CGI, and bad CGI. Impossible to tell what they were...but I wonder if Peter Jackson saw this movie because one scene is of Wes Studi (Cherokee actor, star of the Joe Leaphorn series on PBS) being sucked while still alive into the belly of the beast...not much different than Andy Serkis in King Kong being devoured head first by an eyeless tentacle.

Anyway, I watched bits and pieces of it - I have no desire to see it from start to finish - merely because I was fascinated by how bad it was. How by-the-numbers cliched and bad it was. Everything was predictable, from the action of two heartless killers pointing there guns at each other in a "stand-off" which you only ever see in the movies. In real life the first guy to point his gun is gonna shoot, guaranteed.

I've only seen Treat Williams in a couple of movies - saw him in the first half of The Phantom starring Billy Zane, which I have to admit I walked out on...and he does nothing for me. The sole female character starts out in a slinky cocktail dress (she's a passenger on the boat) and then, thankfully changes into jeans and a t-shirt so she can move around, but of course the t-shirt is nice and clingy...but at least it never got strategically ripped so the adolescent boys could get off on seeing her belly button for most of the movie - as they did with Princess Amaldala in the 2nd Star Wars sequel, and Mary Jane in the first Spiderman, and heaven knows how many other movies made since that style began.

Well, enough of a rant for today. There's another football game going on that I'd like to watch, but I've got too much stuff to do so I'm upstairs trying to get in the mood to do some work.

Meanwhile the Lady Vols beat the Georgia Bulldogs in a very low-scoring game. Yay!

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