Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Volcano Seven

I've started a new website, Volcano Seven, dedicated to fictional organizations for world wide domination, such as SWORD from The Fiction Makers, THRUSH from Man from Uncle, SPECTRE from James Bond.


I've got Google ads on the page, and I was horrified this morning to see all the ads were for "Blocking Child Porn" and "Preventing Sexual Abuse" and "Find a Date Here".

And I thought to myself, this site is about Volcanos, and secret agents, and battles to the death, why in the world am I getting such ads???

Then I went to my pages and looked at the header for eah page, which said: "dedicated to fictional organizations for world wide domination"

And it suddenly struck me that that word, "domination" might be triggering these kinky ads. (Not kinky in the sense that there was anything wrong with them, just in the fact that they didn't belong on my site!!)

So I've reworded the header for each page.

Now I have to wait four hours before the change goes into effect, to see if those ads disappear. I hope so, because they are NOT the kind of ads I want on what is to be a cheerful, nostalgia driven site!

Another problem that the name of one of the characters in the episode The Fiction Makers is called "Darling" and that might be triggering these ads to, I suppose. If I don't see a change in 4 hours I'll go in and substitute Amos Klein for Darling, but I hate having to censor my writing in this way...

(And I've also got to worry about the fact that since I've used those words in this blog entry, Google might pick them up and put these ads in my banner...which I don't want either! Ah, the perils of non-specific advertising...)

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