Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Transformers

I saw this movie today, in a theater that was at least half-full. Although I was familiar with the concept of The Transformers and had read a couple of reviews of the movie, as well as seeing the trailer, I'd never seen the cartoon or had any preconceived notions on how they should appear, etc. was enjoyable for the most part. Only one thing irritated me which I'll get to after I talk about the Fight Scenes

Fight Scenes
Some of the negative comments I heard about the movie was that the fight scenes were filmed from too close, so you couldn't see the action, and the action was happening too fast anyway. And while I was watching the movie I thought... this is actually the way it is in real life. For each individual person when they are in danger of their life time slows down for them, but for witnesses, everything happens so fast and frequently you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys...

So at the end while I had a hard time figuring out where all the Autobots had gone so that it was only Prime vs Megatron, I didn't really mind it.

What Really Irritates Me
Whenever I go see a movie, part of me is always examining it from a feminist point of view. So in the beginning we see the character of Mikeaela wearing the hip hugging "booty shorts" and the revealing shirt so that her belly button is exposed - the style of the day.

And the scene where she pops the hood of the car and is standing there leaning over and Shia's getting all hot and bothered...

And I'm thinking to myself... see young girls and teens...this is why you should bring this particular clothing style to a screeching halt. Because you are pandering to the young male who sees women not as women but merely as 'hos' who are there to turn him on and give him his sexual fantasies.

The scene where Sam kicks his male friend out of the car so that Mikeala can get in tells it all. "Bros before hos," the guy says, which tells us exactly where he puts women....and where a great many teens put women in real life. [Not that I think women should dress in a burkha and five layers of clothing and be ashamed of our bodies. I'm just saying flaunt 'em at home or on a date, not just for general consumption.)

Interestingly, I looked at the first 3 pages of the over 8 pages of messages about The Transformers at the Internet Movie Database, and only one thread was on how "hot" Megan Fox was... but after 3 pages of threads I just couldn't force myself to go any further back.

As for the ending where the two of them are making out on top of the sentient being that is Bumblebee... although perhaps as a robot he doesn't know making out from nothing...

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