Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter spoilers

First off, let me say that I haven't read anything but the first chapter of the first Harry Potter novel. (I've seen all the movies except Prisoner of Azkeban).

I'm 40, not 15, so I could care less who dies in the final book, whether it be Harry or anyone else. But, I can remember what it felt like to be 15, and how outraged I was when the second Star Wars movie ended in a cliffhanger and we had to wait a couople of years to see how Han Solo was rescued. (But then, I always preferred Han to Luke. I think everybody did.)

But, the publishers and JK Rowling have been fighting so hard to keep the details of the final book secret... and I just find myself wondering... why tell everyone that someone is going to "die" in this book, thus touching off a firestorm of curiosity and setting the spies in motion? Surely the series is so popular that it doesn't need this extra impetus?

And how profitable is this book going to be, considering that, from what I've read, every bookstore is being forced to sell it at a major discount to compete with online stores such as Amazon.

Again, not being a kid - and not even knowing any kids (goodness I love where I live!) - how hard can it be to not hear any spoilers until you've actually read the book. Are gangs of girls going around shouting out who dies at the top of their lungs? Or sending out text messages to all and sundry? (I really, really regret the invention of text messaging for high school kids - bad idea, and I hate to think of the parents' phone bills.)

Anyway, I predict a lot of lawsuits from the publishers over all the people who are posting "spoilers" and pirated copies of the book... indeed the intrigue behind all this is worthy of a book in itself.... I wonder if that's the idea?

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