Saturday, July 21, 2007

The new Bionic Woman

I was visiting, intending to add some info about The Robot Client, an episode of The Thin Man which featured Robby the Robot, when I saw a blurb for The Bionic Woman.

Now, if I remember correctly - and I do - the original Jaime Summers was an adventurous, single woman, and her accident took place during a parachute jump.

What does the 21st century Jaime Summers do?

"Jaime Sommers is a young woman working as bartender and raising her teenage sister, Becca. When she is hit by a car and seriously injured. Her only hope becomes an experimental and top secret procedure. But this salvation comes at a high price.

The series is produced by David Eick Productions in association with GEP Productions and NBC "

So we're sure to have the teenage angst of the teenage sister ...but as for the rest of Jaime's adventures...? And why does she have to be a bartender instead of the president of a corporation? How will she move through the rarified atmosphere of the business world/word of spies in disguise as a secret agent when her sole experience with people is as a bartender?

Not that bartenders can't be as well-educated as people with college diplomas working in high-paying jobs...anyone with a desire can self-educate themselves to that level - but it's just the fact that's she's a bartender instead of an athlete or something worthy of being a role model that annoys me.

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