Monday, July 23, 2007

Perelandra eps 1 - 18

Perelandra is the sequel by CS Lewis to Out of the Silent Planet. I've read Out of the Silent Planet, but not the next two volumes (concluding with That Hideous Strength) so I guess I'll give this a listen. Not a dramatisation but a reading.

On his way to Dr Ransom's, Lewis is beset by a sense of panic that is not dispelled by the sight greeting him on arrival. Episode 1 of 18.

Ransom explains that he is going on a mission to defend the planet Perelandra. He enlists Lewis to ensure his safe departure. Episode 2 of 18.

Ransom voyages to Perelandra, and lands in what appears to be a giant ocean dotted with floating islands where he takes shelter. Episode 3 of 18.

Ransom wakes on his island to see a human form, a woman, facing him from a neighbouring island. Episode 4 of 18.

Ransom swims to the other shore and discovers that the Green Lady is none other than Perelandra herself. Episode 5 of 18.

The Green Lady tells Ransom of Maleldil's decree: she cannot stay the night on the mountainous island known as the fixed land. Episode 6 of 18.

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