Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cold Blood returns to BBC Radio 7

BBC Radio 7 is an "oldies but goodies" digital radio station, and if you miss a program you only have to wait about 3 months before they run it again. Case in point, Simon Bovey's Cold Blood, starting Monday:

Cold Blood
Freezerville: It is 2015 and an Antarctic research station is settling down for another winter - but this will be a winter like no other. Episode 1 of 5.

As far as Radio Spirits, the American website that plays American OTR, the Superman serial Red Widow will be playing each Wednesday for 3 more weeks. In August there are two X Minus One episodes scheduled:

Friday 8-3-07
Dimension X
Report on the Barnhouse Effect
Original Air Date - 4/22/1950

Tuesday 8-7-07
X Minus One
Lulu starring Jan Miner
Original Air Date - 10/31/1957

And a new Siperman serial, Superman vs Atom Man - on which the Kirk Alyn movie serial was based.

Wednesday, 8-8-07
Adventures of Superman
Chapter 1: Superman vs Atom Man
Original Air Date - 10/11/1945

Wednesday, 8-15-07
Adventures of Superman
Chapter 2: Superman versus Atom Man
Original Air Date - 10/12/1945

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